Roofers in Trophy Club

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could be insulated from all the problems of life?

Unfortunately there is not an Iron Man, Captain America, or even a Thor that could come to the rescue. But when it comes to roofing I have seen more than one roofer I could categorize as a Hulk. Most of these guys are in great physical shape. Their endurance on steep hot roofs, perseverance to finish a job on schedule, and capacity to produce quality workmanship goes unrivaled by any other rival trade. Roofers are the Super Heroes of construction.

Roofing Is Hard Work

Roofing is hard work. Hats off to all those who make sure we have a roof over our heads. Well, one that doesn’t leak anyway. There is a lot to be said about people that choose a trade that puts them heads above everyone else. On the roof obviously. All humor aside, roofers are unbelievably safety minded. They get on roofs, sometimes two and three stories high, every day and stay focused enough not to fall and injure themselves. Are there occasional accidents? Sure there are just as there are in any other trade where safety mindedness is required.

In states where the temperatures reach 90 to 100 degrees and sometimes hotter, a roofer may as well be Superman. Whatever the temperature is on the ground it can be 20 to 30 degrees hotter on the roof. They have to continually watch out for dehydration. When roofers are working on warm days they are recommended to take water breaks every 15 minutes. Staying hydrated is a must on hot days on a roof. Most roofers are aware of how easy it is to have a heatstroke.

There are still plenty of roofers that carry bundles of shingles on their shoulders up ladders and onto the roof. It is doubtful that very many of these guys work out at the gym. Why would you when you’re already as strong as the Hulk.  Although, more and more, machinery is now being used to stock the roofing material onto the roof.

Like Spiderman, roofers know the power of how to dress when they are working. Wearing the right kind of footwear can save your life. Roofers wear soft soled shoes that will grip the surface of the roof. The surface of a roof can be dangerous and an experienced roofer knows how to read them. Most roofers wear clothing that is comfortable, but durable. Roofing is hard work and it’s hard on your clothing. In the summer light colored clothing is cooler. Material like cotton that can breathe is best. Obviously when it’s cool, you dress to stay as warm as the weather permits. Short frayed pants with no shirt like the Hulk wears is discouraged.

So here’s to all the Super Heroes in the roofing industry. Make right again the damage that high winds and hail has inflicted on the roofs in America. And remember… stand tall even when you’re on the ground.




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